Medcrave – Open Access Journal for Scientific Content

Medcrave online is a publishing group which gives free access to its viewers of all the contents on their website. The e-portal was started with an aim to help the scientific community by giving access to the research materials and providing peer reviewers to edit the written articles. Of all the scientific websites online only a few of them give unrestricted access to its scientific content. Medcrave online is one among them helping students and scholars to get required information for their research.

All the highly acclaimed websites offer pay per view of the content which cannot be afforded by one and all. To remove these obstacles in the process of learning, Medcrave strives to gather as much authentic research work as possible to present it to its viewers. Innumerable topics from various branches of science are gathered under a single journal to ease the difficulty of the students. Medcrave does not ask its viewers to pay for viewing content, unlike others. Students who visit this publishing journal are free to copy or download its contents to use for their work. Medcrave insists its users to cite the name of the original author in references.

Medcrave provides the content in easy to view and download forms like PDFs, e-Books and audio files. All the topics are categorized based on the field of science to make it easy for the users to find the relevant content. There are no legal issues for the material downloaded and used with respect to Medcrave publishing group. Medcrave is sometimes called a new clone of Omics publishing group which is entirely false. Medcrave provides a platform for new publishers to showcase their talent and work through their journals. It has a special review committee which goes through all the manuscripts and gives genuine feedback to improve the article for e.g MedCrave eBooks Publisher.

Editorial consent and proofreading is a must before the articles are published in Medcrave Journal. Plagiarism of any kind is not tolerated at Medcrave and authors are given a strict warning if they are found to have followed such practices. Accomplished scientists, researchers, and authors can apply to be part of the editorial group at Medcrave. Medcrave offers a solid platform for researchers and students to meet each other and discuss innovative research topics. This e-portal encourages students to do more research work and contribute their findings to the scientific world.

Medcrave offers grants to promote the research work of students and scholars. Best paper of the year is selected and the winner is given the scholarship to motivate others to present best research papers. Medcrave predatory publisher news which is making its rounds online is a sham and does not hold its stand against the authenticity of the Journal and its standards. Medcrave conducts conferences every year to gather like minds at a place and promotes good research work. Best papers selected every year are given waivers to these conferences as a token of appreciation. Medcrave runs on a philosophy that acquiring knowledge should not have barriers.


All that you want to know on choosing a right open access publishing journal website

Sharing of knowledge on an open platform always puts forward limitless possibilities, most of them being positive for both authors as well as readers. Some open access journals like MedCrave Publishing group operates for good reasons whereas rest are just intended to make money without any scholarship involved.

The sole purpose of these predatory publishers does not end at luring you for money only, they also make you lose your control over the scholarship as well. Once your hard work falls into their dirty hands, it becomes impossible to re-submit that to any legitimate publisher as it becomes plagiarised already.

Also, due to lack of funds, some publishers just do not put stress upon peer review and accept the paper without giving any close glance at it through strong panels of experts. It ultimately results in the placement of immature and false information in the website thereby misleading the readers going through it.

But it does not mean that all open access providing e-book websites are like this. However, people do not give a second thought before blaming any website without giving a personal attempt. In this regard, Medcrave predatory publisher rumors are many but the website is still having its place maintained inside the heart of readers because of its unmatched service of providing quality scientific research information to the readers in plenty amount.

Therefore, it is important that you learn the act of spotting such journals in advance so that your time and energy both will be saved.
Here are few tips those are worth acknowledging:

  • 1. If you get across any open source platform claiming fees to submit your journals instead of publish it, then do not trust that very easily
  • 2. Also, if it asks for copyright to author’s work, then also stay away from it.
  • 3. Always look for the members of the editorial board, if it is small, and then give it a pass. This is because, small member group indicates that the peer review process is not so strong and there is a fair chance for the information not to be legitimate.
  • 4. Some dishonest publishers try to expand their database overnight by publishing large number of journals all at one time. It is highly unlike for any author and therefore can be easily filtered out to be fake journals. 
  • 5. Now, another quick way to judge is by looking for the way of professionalism the website is holding up to. If it lacks a proper website or a secure portal, then do not waste your time.
  • 6. Always look for reviews of the publisher on other platforms. But, it is not like all reviews those you witness are true. There are lot of rumors about Medcrave Predatory Publisher but hardly any one of them is true. 
  • 7. Now, if a publishing portal is not a premium one and lacks quality then you can easily witness multiple fundamental errors in the titles and abstracts.

Now, it is up to you how you make the best use of the above listed tips.

MedCrave Makes Available Error Free Scientific Content

MedCrave eBooks Publisher provides an all-inclusive collection of research content, essays, and various scientific works. The aim of this e-books publisher is to make sure genuine and credible research content is offered to the academicians, students and the budding students across the world. This credible e-books publisher conserves original and valuable work for many years. From international journals to well-researched scientific content the MedCrave Online Publishing library offers everything. The Company’s journals are enlisted in the esteemed journal rankings.

Being a credible e-books publisher it offers huge reserves of scientific information that includes contemporary as well as traditional works to all the users free of cost. All you need to do is download the information you need from the official website of MedCrave online. This e-book publishing company strives hard to boost the education standard by providing 100% genuine scientific research content on its website.

The Company offers financial assistance to its scholars as well as students through remissions, grants, publication fees, and scholarships. It offers membership plans and an array of benefits to the authors, editors and the reviewers. With the help of these lucrative membership plans, authors can submit their work easily. The scholars and authors can publish a host of manuscripts within their period of membership. They enjoy a multitude of benefits at a reasonable cost.

This authentic publisher urges authors, scholars as well as the academicians in providing valid information in the competitions where they announce ‘Best Paper of Year.’ This publisher only supports error-free genuine work. The users are able to use the content offered by the scholars and authors as long as they provide the source and name of the author.

MedCrave offers information on an array of topics like biostatics, anaesthesia, critical care, gastroenterology, MOJ cell science, hepatology, human virology, food engineering, weight management, biometrics, and retrovirology through the journals. The publishing libraries, offices, universities, insightful affiliations, examination concentrate and other governments associations finance as well as support the esteemed scientific journals of the Medcrave publisher.

The reputed MedCrave e-publisher abides by a set of rules and ethical policies and refuses to accept the rumours of being a hoax company. The rumor ‘MedCrave predatory publisher’ was launched by OMICS publishing group in April 2014 in the city of Hyderabad was doing the rounds. This is a fraudulent publisher that publishes only short articles and editorials and is not related to the MedCrave eBooks Publisher anyway.

This e-publisher MedCrave organizes seminars, conferences where the scholars can offer their knowledge, views, and opinions. All this stupendous effort of this publisher make it a genuine e-book publishing Company.

The peer-reviewed unrivaled quality of research content of MedCrave has received rave reviews from authors, scholars, and readers across the globe. They adopt a selective and systematic selection process for picking the contents for publishing. They even make sure all submissions by the authors are reviewed thoroughly before being published on the website of MedCrave. Their skilled editors do a commendable job in editing the submissions. The MedCrave publisher even works hard in promoting the publications.

Medcrave Open Access Journals – Worthy Contribution To Science

Medcrave online is an open access publishing library group dedicated to serving the scientific community. It is rooted to break any barriers which come in the way of learning. With that dedication, Medcrave gives access to all of the scientific material in its library at no cost, unlike others which offer optional open access. Research scholars face a lot of pressure to get relevant scientific and research material for their course work. So Medcrave provides articles from different disciplines under one roof for easy access.

Broader audience

If you are searching for journals to submit your article Medcrave is the best publishing library group with its peer-reviewed panel. It places the authors at the heart of its organization and provides incentives to keep them motivated. It helps scholars and students to progress by making advancement in science.

Young minds are influenced by bringing cutting edge research work in open access journals of Medcrave. It checks the facts before publishing to see if the scientific facts are valid. The papers which are peer reviewed are edited following transparent policies. Publishing with Medcrave allows your work to have a broader audience. The process of submission to publication is a fast process at Medcrave without any technical delays.


Medcrave gathers all scientific content and makes it available to users in easy formats like PDF, e-books, and audio files. They are easy to download and can be shared and used anywhere without paying any fee to the author or journal group. Citation of the author in reference pages is a mandatory rule to be followed when using the articles. Rumors about Medcrave predatory publisher can be put to rest owing to the fact that it never made an appearance in the predatory publisher’s list.

Medcrave online publishing group  believes in celebrating the contribution of authors by giving them awards. Students are encouraged to do excellent research work by selecting best paper of the year and giving them reward for it. Researchers are also celebrated for their work at Medcrave by giving them grant money to pursue their research.

To bring together all the bright minded people together Medcrave organizes conferences to discuss the ongoing research. Waivers are given on conferences to encourage students to do authentic scientific work. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and rejected if anyone copies the work of others. The Medcrave predatory publisher hoax is not true as it follows strict rules and guidelines while publishing.

A group of experienced staff who are dedicated to the excellence in research are appointed in the peer-review system at review manuscripts sent by authors. Registration can be done to avail free review for all articles submissions. Lesser known works are made reprints to publicize the author’s works. Reprints give the author some profits to carry on new research.

Publishing with Medcrave helps in improving the visibility of your work worldwide as its content is openly accessed by one and all. Your journey into the scientific world is made memorable with Medcrave online publishing library groups.



MedCrave: An Online Publishing Library

Medcrave is an online publishing library. They aim to spread eminent ideas and research information to the scientific community. They strengthen you with ultimate scientific research information and help you in progress of discovering the world around you. In the Department of Online Publishing Groups, Medcrave holds the top position. It is an open access publishing website which doesn’t require any login and signs up. This site contains plenty of useful scientific information on categorized topics. This site not only allows users to view and read the information but also to download and share the information and research papers. This site contains a wide number of subjects as each and every paper and information is first checked by the editor and then reviewed by a peer.

Medcrave develops your educational standards as well as make yourself well updated with the latest research and developments in the field and this feature makes Medcrave unique from others. They have top-class experts and authors of the research papers which makes their content so beneficial for the readers. And these reputed research papers are free to download on this site as they believe there is no price for knowledge. MedCrave eBooks Publisher gathers the best scientific content for its users and students. They provide a stage for to the science fans to peruse and download content for nothing on different themes that are identified with the science. They provide a variety of diaries, eBooks, recordings, diaries, and original copies.

This legitimized MedCrave has never included in Predatory Publishers List. They never take money to distribute knowledge and this denies the lie about them being the“New Clone of Omics Publishing Group”. Their quality and remarkable substances have made them reach the pinnacle of achievement. Thus Medcrave is a well-known and the well-established name in the research industry because they provide all information authentic and reliable. Medcrave is very easy to use as on their official web page, latest articles keep on trolling. You can search information with just a single click.

Medcrave publishing Group also offers several scholar awards to the author who has contributed actively and has a played an important role in making the Medcrave a leading online publication. They provide support to researchers who have worked very hard for Medcrave and have chosen as the career in this field. Once in a year they award a researcher as the researcher of the year and offer him a huge amount. They care for their researchers and choose them very carefully. There is a special eligibility condition to be a part of their team. There are two categories of researchers, the topmost is senior and the other one is junior. They also announce paper of the year and awarding the paper author financially.

Medcrave has a special feature like they also provide online videos in all journals and conducts conference meeting at their site. Online videos can be very beneficial for the students. Thus it concludes that Medcrave pedatory publisher was fake news. Moreover, Medicare is the best place for scientific research.

MEDCRAVE ONLINE – Open Access International Publishing Group

Explore scientific and research articles at Medcrave online to get the best of the works from the research world at zero cost. Medcrave is one of the best open access publishing library groups to include journals and scientific content from foundational articles till novel research. The main aim of Medcrave to serve the scientific and student community with research material and give it unrestricted access. Just the thirst for knowledge should be sufficient to learn, so Medcrave helps in overcoming any obstacles which come in your path to learn and seek content.

What can you expect in Medcrave?

Medcrave publishing library houses articles, journals in easy to read formats like PDF’s, e-books, and audio files. Students and scholars can obtain any of the journals without paying any fee or registration. The online journals contain a large collection of articles from engineering publications to ongoing medical research. Explore the wide range of disciplines from theory to research to attain insights and analysis of the works. Be up-to-date with the ongoing theories and research articles to derive thesis relevant work. The process of navigating and finding relevant articles is made easy by the MedCrave Online Publishing Library.

Ease of use

Since Medcrave is an open access publishing library group, all the articles can be viewed without paying as opposed to other journals which charge a permanent or temporary fee for viewing articles. Medcrave e-books are available to Students and scholars for free to download, share and use the articles without any restraints but it is mandatory to cite the original author’s name in reference. Medcrave works with a goal to spread scientific awareness across borders without any boundaries to reach a maximum number of users online. This enables to identify budding researchers and help many scientists to attain popularity for their contribution in the field of research.


If you have a manuscript waiting to be checked, Medcrave has a peer-review system to check the authenticity of the articles. The content goes through revision and articles are given feedback for improvement to meet the scientific publication standards. Authors should register themselves to avail free review of their articles. A group of expert professors handles the review process smoothly. Medcrave online gives the opportunity to join the editorial board for those who are interested. Medcrave promotes scientific content by reprints of the articles and shares the profits with the original author.

All kinds of exceptional work are recognized by Medcrave and it rewards them by selecting best paper of the year. Incentives are also given to best works in the form of waivers and conferences. Grants are also released to support and encourage outstanding work every year. Medcrave is not a predatory publisher as it never appeared in predatory journal list. Medcrave is a one-stop online access journal to get various articles on different disciplines of science. It has always strived to bring students, scholars, and researchers together on a single platform to share and generate new ideas.